Google search boss says employees worked 120 hours a week on Gemini’s image tool, fixed most issues in 10 days

Google’s AI chatbot, Gemini, was heavily criticised for its image generation capabilities when it refused to generate images of white people. Google’s search boss Prabhakar Raghavan praised employees for working 120 hours per week to fix Gemini’s issues.

  • Google’s AI tool Gemini was criticised for inaccurately generating images
  • Employees worked up to 120 hours a week to fix the image generation tool
  • They resolved about 80 percent of the issues in 10 days

In February this year, Google’s AI tool Gemini drew flak for refusing to generate images of white people. The AI tool was accused of being “too woke” by many social media users after it portrayed important historical figures as people of colour even though they were originally white. Google then paused Gemini’s ability to generate images of human beings. Now, we all know how Google was criticised openly and how some experts and netizens reacted to the incident. However, we weren’t aware of what went down behind Google’s office doors. And as per a CNBC report, Google employees had to work tirelessly to improve Gemini’s image generator.

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