Zomato may soon deliver your order faster if you pay more money

Zomato is testing a priority delivery service where customers can pay extra for faster delivery.

In Short

  • Zomato tests priority delivery service and increases platform fee
  • Zomato has increased its platform fee by 25 per cent, charging Rs 5 extra on each order
  • The company is also revising its intercity delivery service, Legends

Zomato is testing a new feature that will help you in getting your order faster. If you feel your order takes a lot of time to come but you want it soon, you can pay for it to avail Zomato’s priority delivery service. Notably, the option has not been rolled out yet. It is in fact being tested in cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai, as per a report published in Moneycontrol

The report revealed that in Bengaluru, a customer had the choice to pay Rs 29 extra for a 16-21 minute delivery, compared to the standard 21-minute delivery time.Interestingly, Zomato Gold members are also subject to this additional charge, as reported by Moneycontrol. We’ve reached out to Zomato for comments on this change and will provide updates as soon as we receive a response.

So, Zomato is making some big changes to both its fees and its services, hoping to keep growing and making customers happy.

Zomato has hiked its platform fee by 25%, now charging Rs 5 extra on each order. This change impacts customers in major cities like Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. The platform fee is an additional charge on top of the delivery fee. Initially, Zomato introduced this fee at Rs 2 in August 2023, then increased it to Rs 3 in October and further to Rs 4 on January 1 this year.

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